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    World's first premium ghost producing platform, offering tracks by award-winning Ghost Producers.

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Premium Beats

World’s finest beat platform by award-winning Beat Producers. Explore our beats library or request custom production! Elevate your music!

What is Premium Beats?

Premium Beats is the ultimate beats platform, proudly part of the world-renowned ghost production portal, Your Ghost Production. Our platform offers a vast and diverse premium music library, specially curated to cater to Rappers, Singers, DJs, Artists, Influencers, Advertising agencies, Video Game and Film Companies & Producers. Whether you’re seeking the best hip-hop beats or premium rap beats, Premium Beats is your go-to destination.

How does Premium Beats stand out from other beat platforms?

Premium Beats stands out for its commitment to quality and excellence. Our extensive library consists of top-notch beats produced by award-winning artists and our experienced in-house team. Unlike other platforms, each track goes through rigorous quality checks and verification processes to ensure you get the finest beats for your projects.

Can I customize the beats I purchase from Premium Beats?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of customization. If you’re looking for something special or need to make edits to your purchase, you can explore The Lab for available options. Additionally, our production team is always ready to assist you directly through the contact form, ensuring you get the beats tailored to your requirements.

Who can submit their music to Premium Beats?

Premium Beats welcomes both aspiring and established artists to submit their music. If you have exceptional beats that align with our quality standards, our A&R team would be delighted to listen to your tracks. Use our Upload function to submit your music directly to our A&R department.

Are purchases from Premium Beats safe and secure?

Your security is our priority. When you buy beats from Premium Beats, you can rest assured that your transactions are completely safe and secure. We employ the latest security measures to safeguard your information.

How are the beats verified on Premium Beats?

We take pride in offering top-tier beats to our customers. Each track submitted to Premium Beats undergoes a meticulous verification process using innovative audio recognition software. Additionally, we verify the production history of the beats to ensure authenticity and excellence.

What genres of beats are available on Premium Beats?

Our premium music library specializes in hip-hop beats and rap beats. You’ll find a wide range of sub-genres and styles within these categories, providing you with ample options to match your unique artistic vision.

Looking for more than just beats? Visit our main platform! At Premium Beats, we understand that artists may seek ready-to-release songs with vocals and other elements. For a broader selection of tracks, including songs with vocals and complete productions, visit our main platform on the Homepage. There, you’ll have access to a diverse collection of high-quality songs, meticulously crafted by our award-winning artists and production team.

What rights do I have when purchasing beats from Premium Beats?

Standard Royalty Option: When you choose the Standard Royalty Option, you will receive the beat in MP3 format. This option allows you to use the beat for personal use, including non-monetized social media posts, private projects, and demos. However, it does not grant you the rights for commercial use or public distribution.

Premium Royalty Option: Opting for the Premium Royalty Option grants you additional benefits. Along with the MP3 version, you will also receive the beat in high-quality WAV format. This allows you to use the beat for commercial purposes, such as monetized streams, performances, and distribution on digital platforms. The Premium Royalty Option gives you more flexibility to take your music to a wider audience.

Exclusive Royalty Option: For those seeking complete control and ownership of the beat, the Exclusive Royalty Option is the perfect choice. This option provides the entire production pack, including stems and masters, along with both MP3 and WAV formats. With exclusive rights, you have unlimited commercial use, full control over the beat’s distribution, and the ability to remove it from our platform.

What’s the right choice for me? Selecting the right royalty option depends on your specific needs and goals. If you are working on personal projects or demos, the Standard Option may be suitable. For those looking to monetize their music and reach a broader audience, the Premium Option offers greater flexibility. For complete creative control and ownership, the Exclusive Option is the ideal choice.

Remember, each royalty option comes with its unique set of rights, so choose wisely to make the most of your artistic endeavors. At Premium Beats, we are dedicated to providing you with the best options to elevate your music career.

How are Royalties distributed to the beat producers on Premium Beats?

At Premium Beats, we prioritize the fair and rewarding distribution of Royalties to our beat producers. When a client purchases a beat, the Royalties generated from the sales are divided between the beat producer and Premium Beats, the platform, based on the Royalty option chosen by the client during the purchase.


Client Royalty Options: Clients have the option to choose from three different Royalty options when purchasing a beat:

  1. Option 1: 5% Royalties: If the client selects this option, the beat producer will receive 95% of the Royalties generated from the sales of that beat, while you the client retains the remaining 5%.
  2. Option 2: 15% Royalties: With this option, the beat producer receives 85% of the Royalties, and you keep the remaining 15%.
  3. Option 3: 100% Royalties: Clients who choose this option pay a one-time fee for exclusive rights to the beat. In this case, the beat producer receives 0% of the Royalties generated from the sales and usage of the beat, as the client retains full ownership of the beat’s future earnings.

Rewarding Beat Producers: We value the hard work and talent of our beat producers. As they achieve greater success and their beats gain popularity, their advanced fee commission gets lowered. The more beats they sell, the more they earn from their share of the advance payment, providing a strong incentive for producers to create exceptional beats.

Transparency and Collaboration: Premium Beats operates with full transparency in the Royalty distribution process. By offering clients a choice in Royalty options, we encourage fair collaboration between artists and beat producers. This approach ensures that beat producers receive a fair share of the earnings from their creative efforts and fosters a supportive creative community.

Join Premium Beats today and be part of a vibrant community where creativity thrives, and artists and beat producers are celebrated for their contributions!

How can I start collaborating with beat producers on Premium Beats?

To begin collaborating with beat producers on Premium Beats, simply explore our premium music library, select the beats that resonate with your artistic vision, and purchase them with your preferred Royalty option.

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    My Mind

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    How I Do It

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    Higher Grounds

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    Turn Away
    Diamond Skies

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