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Looking to hire a Ghost Producer? Enter the world’s first Premium Ghost Production store. Top Level Ghost Producing Platform for DJs, TV, singers and many more.


The term Ghost Producing can still bring many questions and controversy due to many DJ fans being against their favorite artists using help in the studio, and the fact that still to this day many Ghost Producers remain uncredited.


What is a Ghost producer?

Someone who ghost produces, an artist that produces music for other artists, loves to work in the studio but is usually not the biggest fans of DJing or performing in public.

Not all music producers are interested in being in the limelight, some would prefer to stay unknown but still produce word-class music for other artists.Β 

They create some of the Biggest Songs in the Electronic Dance Music. Some of the popular EDM “ghosts” are Marteen Voorwerk, Mat Zo, Martin Garrix, KSHMR, Daft Punk, and many others.


Why using Ghost Producers became so popular?

Today to become a house-hold name in the music world, you will have to do some work, it’s not just about making music anymore, these times are long gone. You will either need to hire a team of people to do the work for you or you have to transform yourself into a swiss-army-knife and become a Manager, PR Agent, Social Media Manager, distributor, Songwriter, Producer, mixing & Mastering engineer all in one.

While for some of us who didn’t reach that high level of fame yet it’s still possible to do all of that if we have the time necessary, for others, it would be impossible to take care of all of these things by themselves. That’s where the help of Ghost Producers comes in. Usually, ghost production services not only deliver fully composed and produced tracks, but they mix & master them as well.

Competition in the music industry is very high, many artists are releasing new songs even once a week, Some are busy focusing on their live performances, some choose to perfect their brands, therefore for some people it becomes impossible to keep up with all their tasks and on top of that produce a new masterpiece each following week. That’s where Ghost Producers come in.


Where can I buy Ghost Tracks?

You will find many Ghost Production stores online, unfortunately, many of them with questionable Quality tracks on offer, luckily from now on you can purchase Premium Ghost Productions that are produced with major labels and artists in mind, these kinds of tracks are created by award-winning producers with years of experience. All Premium tracks and their quality is controlled by our internal team of industry professionals.

For more information about Premium Ghost Production, you can read our Q&A.


Which DJs use Ghost Producers?

DVBBS, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet, Tigerlily, Diplo and many others.

When we hear an artist’s name, we don’t only think about their tracks but also of their performance, music videos, and online presence. Let’s look at some popular artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Robyn, they have great music videos and presence and this is what grabs our attention, they are not involved in the production process at all and most of the time don’t even write their lyrics but people still love them for who they are as a celebrity.

It’s obvious that the more popular the act, the less time for producing music, therefore many if not all mainstream music artists use some kind of help from other producers, it’s a very natural thing and most of the time nobody gives it a “Ghost Produced” stamp, just treat the work as a collaboration, as it’s beneficial for both parties.

There are many top EDM artists like Tiesto, David Guetta, or Armin Van Buuren that openly talk about using ghost producers, In the last few years it became popular to feature the Producers in the song, which is a very fair thing to do because the Ghost Producer himself would have a hard time reaching the numbers of the likes of Tiesto.

Ghost Production became a norm and has been a norm for many years, it’s just that now with easy access to Social Media and streaming services, we receive much more information.Β 


How much do ghost producers earn?

They can earn anywhere from €1000 to €20 000 per custom Ghost track while still keeping their share of royalties, pre-made Ghost Productions are being sold for around €200 up to €2000 per track. Many young artists started to make a business out of their productions by selling them on various online stores, which caused a huge loss of quality, and became almost impossible to find professionally executed tracks.

Luckily from now on you can purchase Premium Ghost Productions or even order a custom ghost track up to your preference, entirely created by experienced artists with a deep knowledge of the music industry.


Is it wrong to use Ghost Producers?

There is nothing wrong with using Ghost Production services, everyone involved is aware of what their job is all about, and everyone is equally important to the project. You wouldn’t get the music without the producers as well as you couldn’t promote the music without a performer with a large following.


How to Become a Ghost Producer?

You might have stumble upon many Ghost Production services online, unfortunately, most of them are focused on making the most revenue for themselves and not the artists, Your Ghost Production offers each producer the option to choose whether they want to keep 50% of their royalties, or sell their tracks Royalty-free. All you have to do is enter the Upload section, send us your best tracks and you will hear back from our A&R department within 48 hours.Β 

Keep in mind that Premium submissions (50/50 royalties split) will be verified to match the requirements of major record labels, our A&R might request changes to your track or suggest a different section. If you are migrating to us from another Ghost Production website and never had any experience working on professional Ghost Production, our internal team can guide you and give you feedback or collaborate with you to finalize your tracks.

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