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How To Become A Famous DJ?

How To Become A Famous DJ?

With modern advancements in music producing technology, it’s never been easier to be an aspiring DJ. There are so many tools at your disposal, and there are endless amounts of guides available online to learn. With some diligence, anyone can start pumping out great within a matter of days. What many hopeful DJs will find difficult however is breaking through into the popular music zeitgeist.

Being an artist nowadays is very different from before. While back in the day it was possible to get big through talent and perseverance, nowadays competition is fierce. Accessibility to music making tools means anyone can make music. With so many competitors around, what can you do to distinguish yourself from the rest and become a famous DJ?


Focus On Producing Unique, Quality Music

Making music is easy, but making quality music that’s worth listening to is a different thing altogether. There are a lot of artists who continuously release tracks, but without the skill to back it up, it’s meaningless. That’s why it’s important to make sure your music is high quality and unique.

Practice endlessly, working with different tools and skillsets to blend sounds together. Make everything seamless, and work towards a musical style that’s unique to you. If there are elements of your production that sound jarring, then work to eliminate it or evolve it further. On top of all, make sure your production is spotless.

If you find yourself too busy touring and performing to produce, then you’ll want a ghost producer. They help you produce your music, and in return they get a cut of the profits. They don’t need or want recognition, which is great if you’re building up your own brand. If you’re in need of reliable and competent ghost producers, then you can find out more here!


Have an Online Presence and Identity

Nowadays, being personality is just as important as the music you make. Setting yourself up as a fascinating person means people pay more attention to you, and that’s good for your career. Set up accounts on social media and engage with your audience as much as you can. Give them a reason to come back to you and build up an identity from there.

Establish yourself as much as possible. Do not be afraid to let your personality shine, but also avoid saying things that can bring down your reputation. Keep this up, and you’ll find yourself with a lot of fans in no time!


Feature Known Artists On Your Tracks

Having well known artists on your tracks boosts hype and interest in your music. It’s a simple idea, and one where nobody loses. Don’t be afraid to contact and discuss terms with artists you feel are bigger than you. Be confident in your work, and promote yourself as much as you can. Securing even one big collaboration can do wonders for your career’s future.


Put On Great Live Shows

Word of mouth is the greatest marketing method even today, and nothing gets people talking more than phenomenal live shows. When you go out on stage, focus on giving people a true performance. Put yourself into your shows, and you’ll find people will reciprocate your energy. Once your name starts to spread and clips go online, it’s just a matter of time before you become the next famous DJ.




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