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Ghost Producing

Your Ghost Production is a premium ghost producing platform for DJs, Vocalists, Video Games. Earn money as a ghost producer.


Ghost Producing

What is ghost producing?

( creation of complete musical work for 3rd party )

Ghost Production is a process where one or more composers and producers create a song for a 3rd party, whether it’s a DJ, Vocalist, TV, Video Game Developer, or Film Studio, the process is identical in most cases. Artists that choose to become a Ghost Producer usually don’t desire to stay in the Spotlight and enjoy working for other artists. The negative stigma that came out from fans that were not happy with the fact that their beloved DJs don’t produce their music is slowly fading out.

It’s completely fine to ask for help, and definitely if the brand has a high value. As a producer you can’t always precisely judge your work, sometimes we have to release new music frequently, and without the help of an additional ear we would probably end up delivering something that wouldn’t satisfy the labels.


EDM ghost producer

( music producer experienced in creating electronic dance music for other artists )

EDM Producers became popular hence the fact that mainstream DJs slowly started converting more into pop stars, their activities became much more similar to the ones of a mainstream artist, therefore the need for help from other producers, writers, composers was the natural next step, and the demand for ghost producing artists became much larger.


Today, we hear Ghost Produced tracks everywhere, on Spotify, our favorite record label channels, radios, tv stations, etc. and it all seems like it occurred recently, but the truth is that it’s been around for much longer than some of you may believe. For example, look at “All Tracks Ghost Produced by Daft Punk” you will notice that some of EDM classics like Cassius – “See Me Now”

See Me Now



Kavinsky – “Nightcall”


were Ghost Produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.ย Even back in the day during the origins of Techno & House music, most DJs were just that – ‘DJs’ and often collaborated in a group of people with other DJs and Producers to perfect their tracks, it’s just that back then nobody called each other a Ghost Producer.


How can i buy ghost production?

We encourage you to have a look at both our Premium & Royalty-free Libraries of tracks, as well as The Lab where you can request a new custom track from scratch from our internal ghost producing team, or edit, mix & master any of your work.


Which types of ghost tracks can I find on your Platform?

Your Ghost Production provides two types of tracks, as well as a custom ghost producing section called The Lab.

Premium ghost tracks

These type of tracks were composed and produced by award-winning artists and are coordinated by industry professionals to meet the expectations of mainstream record labels. Premium tracks are usually more valuable than Royalty-free tracks, the buyer gets 50% of royalties as a standard but can choose to buy out all the rights to each Premium track.

Royalty-free ghost tracks

These tracks are 100% royalty-free, meaning that you have a free hand to use these tracks however you like without having to share any revenue with the original creators.ย 


How can I make money selling ghost production?

If you are looking to sell your own Ghost tracks, it has never been easier! From now on you can submit your music using the Upload function of our website and become a Ghost Producer, once your track package has been submitted, you will hear back from our A&R team within 48 hours.

While submitting the tracks you will have the option to choose whether you want to sell your track royalty-free or if you would like to submit your tracks to the Premium Library. Keep in mind that tracks submitted to the Premium ghost producing library have special requirements and our A&R department might ask you to edit your tracks or finalize them with our internal team (This can also happen with your royalty-free tracks, we want to ensure that all tracks available in our store are executed at the highest available quality on the market).


How much does a ghost producer earn?

EDM ghost producers can earn from โ‚ฌ50 up to โ‚ฌ20 000 per track, The huge leap in rates depends on many important factors, such as, how is the producer getting paid? for example, some producers charge an hourly rate and if a certain project takes months to complete, we could easily be looking at a 6 digit number, and it does happen, although not so much in Electronic Dance Music, these kinds of numbers are much more popular in the Pop and Rap world.ย 

Your Ghost Production offers tracks from โ‚ฌ200 up to โ‚ฌ2000 in our Royalty-free and Premium Library.


How can ghost producers stay inspired when producing a large number of tracks every month?

We let one of our senior producers answer this questions:ย ” Many people think that Ghost Producing is bad for the creators because they sell their work to someone else and let someone else promote their name using one’s creation, the truth is that being a Ghost Producer expands the possibilities, the number of opportunities and achievements that Ghost Production created for me would be impossible to do while just being an artist and investing all this time in my project.

During the 15+ years of my journey in music production, I have tried it all, I’ve been high up and down low, but what kept me going was being a ghost, I get bored very quickly when producing tracks in a certain genre or style when I’m releasing under my name, I have to always be very strict about what I can release to please the listener and keep the brand signature.

This is where being a EDM Ghost Producer helps to be creative, it’s the best outlet for me to produce tracks that make me happy, and let someone else sign and promote them. Together with all of that comes the experience and everyday training that you get from ghost producing which would be impossible to do had I stick to one genre for 15 years “

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