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How To Get Placements In Spotify Playlists?

To an artist, Spotify is a lot of things. It serves as an archive for your music, as well as a way for interested listeners to find your work. Perhaps most importantly however, it’s an efficient and popular marketing tool for new artists. Making use of Spotify is integral to the success of any budding musical career in this day and age. One of the main reasons for this is Spotify Playlists.

Being included in a Spotify Playlist does wonders for any musician. Many an artist has gone from relative obscurity to big time success just through Spotify playlist exposure alone. This does beg the question, how does one get into the Spotify placements? Well, today we’re hoping to answer that, taking input from various featured artists, as well as the playlist curators themselves.


Tip 1: Be Verified

First thing’s first, if you ever want to be featured on a Spotify Playlist, you need to be verified. Thankfully, this step is quite simple. All you need to do is make a Spotify for Artists account, and you’re done. Being verified gives you access to your own artist page, as well as all your statistics. Most importantly, it lets you pitch your songs to the Spotify editorial team.


Tip 2: Be Active On Spotify

Once you’ve been verified, you’ll want to make your presence known. Actively participate in releasing music on the platform, and do what you can to get your name out there. This is important because the algorithm prefers active artists. When you’re preferred, you’re more likely to show up in recommendations, and therefore garner more traffic.


Tip 3: Master The Art Of The Pitch

Whether your song gets on a playlist stems a lot on your pitch. Pitching a song to Spotify essentially means you’re taking an unreleased track and telling Spotify what’s great about it. You’ll need to fill out some information about yourself and your music, before filling out your actual pitch. You want to be as detailed and specific as possible here.

In the pitch, helps to be genuine and passionate, but be sure to word your pitch intelligently. Be confident in yourself and your music, and express yourself the way you want to be seen. Hype yourself up, but don’t go too far. Staying humble is key to the success of any pitch, and be grateful for any opportunity that comes by.

Some other details to note are that you can only pitch one song per release, so think hard about which song you’ll pitch. You can only pitch unreleased music, and you ideally want to pitch songs weeks before they go live. Also, you can’t pitch compilation songs or music that you feature on. Outside of this, just focus on making it sound good.



If you don’t get featured on your first go around, don’t worry. Most artists take multiple attempts to get featured, what’s important is that you always try your best. Keep up your quality and be diligent, and we’re sure you’ll get featured soon enough. Don’t give up!




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