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How to get signed

How to get signed to a record label?

What are some of the best ways to get your new track signed to a reputable record label? We have all the answers you need!

You produced a track or purchased a Premium track at, and want to get it signed to a known record label but don’t know how to start? It’s the most exciting part of music-making to finally plan a release for your new song. In today’s world, there are an unlimited amount of outlets for your music, you can release your music independently or get signed to a record label. 

Before sending out all your demos to various record labels, make a plan and follow it. 

Get a photoshoot

Content should be your best friend, you need a lot of it. Get professional-looking photos for your socials, website, and press promotion, that’s something that will always be necessary when you sign with a record label.

Get a bio

Let someone write a professional biography, both short and long, you should always provide some more information about your project and yourself when submitting music to record labels. Remember to not send long emails, keep it simple and clean, provide all this information in a package that you can link to.

Prepare your social media 

Create audio-visual ad campaigns on your social media representing your brand and music. Be active on your pages, today’s social media algorithm can treat your unused profiles as archival and new content related to your keywords will more likely show up higher in search. New music is coming out every second as we speak, every second is a chance for you to get noticed

Connect with other artists

You might have noticed that many major artists collaborate with other artists to expand their target. Before you send out music to record labels, you could try sending it to a couple of bigger producers and ask their opinions, they might not wanna work with you right away, but you might at least get some good feedback on your music. You can then modify your song based on the feedback you gathered through The lab.

Release a few bootlegs to create some noise around your brand

Bootlegs might not generate you revenue right away, but can help your project grow. You might be lucky and get picked up by the original artist or your bootleg could get viral. It might help you get one step further to getting signed to a record label.

Stick to your style

If you release deep house today, don’t start releasing dubstep the next day, it’s not great for your brand and might scare off your current fans.

Be unique 

Consider creating your signature “Style” labels don’t like to receive demos that sound exactly like something they released previously, Record labels are always looking for a new sound. Create a song that’s both unique and catchy enough to become a mainstream success, or request a signature style track based on your preference through The Lab.


Send your demos to record labels through email, but be professional.

First thing to remember is to not spam record labels or A&R’s with your tracks when you’re not getting an answer right away, record labels receive 100s of demos per week and it might take some time to fish your track out of the ocean of submissions. Here is an example of a good demo email:

‏‏‎ ‏‏

Hi, [ Record Label A&R name ]
My name is [ Your first name ] I release music as [ Your artist project ] I have been a fan of your label for years.
I just finished working on my most recent song and I would love to know your opinion.
Song Url:                       < — You can send up to 3 songs in your email, as long as the songs fit together stylistically.
Press Kit Url:            < — Including all your pictures, biography, social media links, past releases, dj mixes
[ Your full name ]
[ No spammy looking links, except your artist site ]


Send your demos physically to record labels

You might be surprised but some major record labels still require you to send demos on a CD or USB stick. The requirement is one thing, but another reason why you could consider this option is to get noticed, it is a more unique way to submit demos and you might have a bigger chance of getting signed.

Get signed to an artist-owned record label by connecting with the artist

Send the artist your song, who knows, maybe they will like your sound and might offer you a collaboration or release on their record label. Whatever connection you will be able to create in the music industry, will help you get few steps ahead in the future, whether it was a good or bad connection you will always learn something new.

Hire a professional to sign your music to a record label

There are management agencies that can help you sign your music to a record label such as Intense Agency

And lastly, Never give up! If a record label does not reply to your demo emails, maybe there is something wrong with the sound you choose vs the record label you’re sending it to or your emails are hard to read.

Higher your chances to get signed by 90% and order a custom ghost from The Lab or pick one already available in our store!


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