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Do You Need To Be A Producer To Be A DJ?

Do you have to be a Producer to be a DJ?

It used to be much easier back in the day to become a popular DJ, the competition was much lower than it is today and all you needed was a good taste in music. Nowadays you can’t reach too far without having your own tracks, of course, you could play at weddings, corporate events and such and it would probably make you more money without having a name in the scene than playing as a warm-up act in clubs. However, it won’t help you boost your brand.


How to become a mainstage DJ?

To become a mainstage DJ, you will need to create hit tracks, many DJs work closely with a producer that creates their tracks while the DJs focus on playing out and promoting the songs.

The easiest way to find tracks for your DJ brand is to look through the Your Ghost Production library of Premium & Royalty-free tracks

or by requesting a custom ghost production using The Lab.


What’s the difference between Premium & Royalty-free tracks?

If you choose to purchase a Premium track, the standard price gets you 50% of all revenue, however, you can purchase 100% of the rights as well for an additional fee.ย 

Premium tracks are created for people that are serious about their brand, they are coordinated by industry professionals and are ready to sign by a record label.

Royalty-free tracks, on the other hand, are usually tracks that are sold at a lower price and get you 100% of all rights. Royalty-free ghost productions are tracks that have been most popular until now on many Ghost Production platforms, they might not always be produced by award-winning artists, but can be used as a starting point.ย 

Royalty-free tracks offered at Your Ghost Production, are a little bit different than what you might have known till now, as even the royalty-free section is often finalized with the help of our internal production team to support the producers submitting their tracks to our platform in completing their creation. These edits are done free of charge, and any producers looking to sell their tracks can get help from our internal team.


Is being a great DJ important to play the mainstage?

It used to be much more important in the past to have a great skill in DJing, nowadays it’s not as much the case anymore, the most important is your music, if you make hit songs you will eventually get DJ gigs, even with limited knowledge of DJing.





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