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Why popular YouTubers use Ghost Productions in their videos? Discover Why!

Did you know that YouTubers use Ghost Productions?

Until now, many YouTubers signed up for subscription-based services that offer royalty-free songs to use in their videos. It now has changed, at least with the most popular YouTube channels. Using subscription-based Royalty-free services can still be a great solution for smaller channels that want to get affordable songs to use in their videos. Unfortunately, these songs are rarely exclusive, meaning that thousands of other YouTubers can easily download and use these tracks in their own videos.

While it’s a cheaper solution, it is not ideal if you are looking for the quality and want to stand out from the crowd. These days numerous YouTubers use Ghost Productions which they can then use exclusively in their videos as well as releasing it on any platforms of their choice. When buying such Ghost Production, the YouTuber has access to either all the rights and royalties (in the Royalty-free section) or Split the song rights with the author in the Premium section while still keeping the exclusive publication rights.


YouTubers use Ghost Productions


What is the difference between Royalty-free and a Premium Ghost Production?

Royalty-free Ghost Productions are tracks offered for full buyout, such songs are usually cheaper than the Premium alternative, they might not be as advanced as the Premium ones but are a great option for YouTube or Advertisement, smaller YouTubers use Ghost Productions that are Royalty-free because the prices are usually lower than Premium.

Premium Ghost Productions are World class tracks produced and coordinated by our AAA production team. Award-winning writers and producers have composed these tracks. Premium tracks can be more expensive than Royalty-free and you will share a minimum of 50% revenue if you choose to release these tracks in stores.


How about fully custom tracks?

On platforms like Your Ghost Production you can easily request a custom song. Whether you let the producers do their thing and surprise you with a custom track that would fit your brand. Maybe you would want to
Sing yourself and let them produce around your vocals? It’s now all possible with no additional engineering, recording and writing costs, you can just enter The Lab, choose the option that works best for you and order your new track.


Can i use a Ghost Production in my Intro for all my videos?

You sure can! Once you purchased your track, you will have the sole right to release, perform, upload, and use the production. Using Ghost Productions to release your own channel albums can be a great idea to expand your brand to services like Spotify, iTunes, etc. And can be a great additional entertainment for your followers. Numerous YouTubers use Ghost Productions in their intro.


Can i release the song under my own name or artist name on Spotify, iTunes etc.?

Yes! You can release the purchased Ghost Production anywhere you like! Including every digital and physical store and streaming service. You could for example use it to promote your YouTube channel by releasing singles or albums under your Channel’s name or you could have another side-project where you release music that you simultaneously use in your videos.

We’ve seen many YouTubers success as an artist additionally to their YouTube careers. Many YouTubers use Ghost Productions that are custom made for them through The Lab.


How do i make my purchase?

We recommend watching the video Tutorial below to guide you through the entire process. If you have any questions or you’re looking for a specific project quote, feel free to contact our support via the Live chat or


Which payment methods are accepted?

At this moment we approve Bitcoin, Paypal & Credit Card (via Paypal), for bank transfers please contact our customer service first.



Are the tracks on your website safe?

Unlike other music sites, we don’t approve songs that are submitted to us without verifying the history of said production. Many of the ghost tracks available in our premium library is entirely coordinated by our internal team. Both Premium & Royalty-free tracks submitted to our website are verified using innovative audio recognition software. Buying tracks from Your Ghost Production is completely safe and secure




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