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Producer Rank NEWCOMER ๐ŸŽ– [Spain]


JimZ3RO is a house music artist from Spain. Request edits



Can I release Ghost Productions by JimZ3RO on Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music or Tidal?

Once you purchase a ghost production from JimZ3RO you will receive 50% or 100% of rights to the track if the track is in the Royalty-free category or you choose the 100% royalties option.
You can then sign the track to a record label and release it under your name, you don’t have to feature JimZ3RO on your song, but if you choose the 50% option, the producer will receive an equal amount of royalties as you and you will have to notify the label to deliver royalty statements both to you and the producer, you will receive all the necessary details that you can use when signing the track together in the package after purchase.


I’m a Twitch streamer, can I use this “JimZ3RO” during my streams without getting copyright claimed?

Upon purchasing a Ghost Production from JimZ3RO you will become the artist of the track, and you are free to use this JimZ3RO‘s ghost productions in any way you want, just keep in mind if you purchase the 50% royalties option, the producer still owns 50% of rights this includes all royalties and publishing. Any kind of revenue coming from tracks produced by JimZ3RO will be shared equally with the buyer and JimZ3RO unless you purchase the 100% royalties options, or buy tracks from our Royalty-free library.


Can I use JimZ3RO‘s ghost productions in Ad campaigns, or promotional material for movies or video games?

After purchasing a ghost production by JimZ3RO you are free to use the track in any way you want, just remember if you purchase the 50% royalties option, the producer still owns 50% of the rights.
All revenue from the track has to be shared equally between you and the producer. You can purchase Royalty-free tracks if you are looking to keep all the rights.


What will I receive upon Purchasing EDM Ghost Productions by JimZ3RO ?

When you purchase a Ghost Production from our JimZ3RO , both Royalty-free and Premium, you will receive: 1. Mastered MP3, Mastered WAV, Unmastered WAV, Mastered Instrumental WAV, Unmastered Instrumental WAV 2. Stems of the track in WAV format unmastered. 3. Package of Midi files from the project

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    I’m a Mess
    Subsonic Sound

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    The Dope

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    Andrzej Dybiec

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    Andrzej Dybiec

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