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    Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and we now accept bitcoins for all tracks in our store as well as other payment methods including Paypal.

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    We’re very excited to introduce a new feature to our platform AUCTIONS! The first one is up for grabs now.


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    Your Ghost Production is the world's first Premium Ghost Producing platform, offering tracks by award-winning Ghost Producers.

    First premium ghost production platform

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    Choose the tracks you love in our Library or request a signature track

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    Site wide discount of 20% use the coupon code: HALLOWEEN (Expiring Nov 3)

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    World's first premium ghost producing platform, offering tracks by award-winning Ghost Producers.

    First premium ghost production platform

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    Choose the tracks you love in our Library or request a signature track

    Discover your sound

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Producer Rank 3 ♛ [Belgium]
Diamond Skies
Producer Rank 1 ♛ [United States]
Producer Rank 2 ♛ [Poland]
Producer Rank 3 ♛ [United Kingdom]
Producer Rank 1 ♛ [Russian Federation]
Music Destinations
Producer Rank 1 ♛ [Russian Federation]
Producer Rank 1 ♛ [Poland]
Producer Rank 2 ♛ [France]
We are excited to announce a new feature on our platform AUCTIONS Check out the first one up for grabs

Feel Good Ghost Productions
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House Party Ghost Production
Ghost Produced Radio Tracks
Ghost Productions Above 140 BPM

I am a Ghost Producer, can I sell on your platform?

We are always looking for new talents to join our Ghost Producing Platform and are more than happy to listen to your music. Feel free to use the Upload function to submit your tracks directly to our A&R department.

How will I get paid?

Once the buyer Downloads the package of your ghost track, you will receive a payment button on your email address, you can then request the payment.

How many tracks can I submit?

There is no limit as to how many ghost productions you can upload to our platform, before submitting a track make sure it’s mastered properly, keep the loudness standard but avoid clipping!

Can I share my YGP profile on Social Media?

You are allowed to share your ghost producer profile and your tracks on Facebook, Twitter, etc. As long as you use links to Your Ghost Production Platform.

We recommend making use of our short domain “ygp.be” when sharing online, all you have to do is take any link from our website, for example,

And replace it with http://ygp.be/artist/plasma/

It is prohibited to share tracks via any other URLs unless it’s a media outlet linking directly to our domain.

Can I buy ghost produced tracks and release them on Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music or Tidal?

Yes, you can sign the track to a record label and release it under your name, you do not need to feature the producer.

If you buy Premium tracks and choose the 50% option, the producer will receive an equal amount of royalties as you and you will have to notify the label to deliver royalty statements both to you and the producer.

You will receive all the necessary details that you can use when signing the track together in the package after purchase.

Ghost Produced tracks are also great to use in advertisement or Twitch / YouTube streaming for royalty-free usage.

What is YourGhostProduction.com?

Your Ghost Production is the first premium ghost production platform, offering tracks produced by award-winning artists.

Our team has years of experience working with major record labels and entertainment companies.

We focus on quality and provide our customers with ready-to-release tracks.

Who uses YourGhostProduction.com?

Our premium music library is popular among

DJs, Artists, Influencers, Advertising agencies, Video Game and Film Companies & Producers who are stuck with an idea or are dealing with ‘Producer’s Block’

Why is YourGhostProduction.com the #1 Ghost Production Platform?

Your Ghost Production focuses on the customer’s experience, our A&R team filters hundreds of submissions every day, but only a couple of them gets approved.

Many of the tracks available on our platform are produced or coordinated by our internal team allowing us to have full control over the quality.

Can I order a custom ghost production or edits?

If you are looking for something special or would like to edit your new purchased ghost production.

enter The Lab and choose from the available options, or contact our production team directly using the contact form.

Are the ghost tracks on your website safe?

Unlike other music sites, we don’t approve songs that are submitted to us without verifying the history of said production.

Many of the ghost tracks available in our premium library is entirely coordinated by our internal team.

Both Premium & Royalty-free tracks submitted to our website are verified using innovative audio recognition software.

Buying tracks from Your Ghost Production is completely safe and secure.

What’s in the package?

After purchasing a track on our site, you will receive the full mastered track, instrumental version (If vocals are present), unmastered version, Stems & Midi. All audio files come in WAV format.

What are Top Tracks?

The Top Tracks section of our platform is automatically generated by our engine based on customer interest. Giving a chance to all ghost producers to be heard.

Which Payment methods are accepted?

At this moment we approve Bitcoin, Paypal & Credit Card (via Paypal), for bank transfers please contact our customer service first.

Which rights can I keep when i buy tracks from your platform?

Upon buying a Premium track on our platform for the regular or discounted price, you will receive 50% of all Royalties & Publishing rights, the other half stays with the Producer of the song.

Within each track page, you will have the Full Buyout option to keep 100% of the royalties. For more details, please read our Customer Agreement.

Royalty-free tracks on the other hand are completely free of any copyrights and you don’t have to share any revenue with the original creator.

Are the vocals used in your ghost productions unique?

The vocals used in the tracks are treated as a demonstration but are processed with a final release in mind.

You have the full right to release your track with these vocals without sharing royalties with the vocalist, but some of them come from sources such as Sample Packs or Royalty-free vocal libraries therefore, they are not exclusive.

If you would like to purchase a vocal recording session, please use our contact form and specify your request.

Premium only

We are the only Ghost Production platform offering ready to sign tracks,

selected by industry professionals


Discover your sound

Customize your purchase or request a custom production from scratch, 

get the perfect sound for your project 


Trusted Platform

Work with award-winning producers and composers, 

recognized by major brands

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    I Know

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    So High

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    Need Me
    Higher Grounds

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    Don’t Be Scared
    Lucas Mendes

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